2 Sets of Trackless Trains to the USA

2 Sets of Trackless Trains to the USA
2023-04-03 Comments Off on 2 Sets of Trackless Trains to the USA Cases Beston

Good news, 2 sets of medium-sized trackless trains (1 locomotive+ 3 coaches) customized by American customers have been produced and shipped. Soon the customer will receive the goods and put them into operation. We look forward to the customer’s operational feedback and hope that the customer’s business is booming. If you are planning to start business with small, medium and large trackless trains, welcome to contact Beston Amusement for details!

2 sets of customized trackless train to the USA

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Painting Scheme of the Two Medium Trackless Train

The customer wants to purchase 2 trackless trains for their amusement park, but the shape of our existing trackless trains is not satisfactory to the customer, so our designer designed two new train painting schemes according to the customer’s needs, and the customer is very satisfied, the final product is also very good. On one of the trains, the customer made some modifications on the original basis and added wheelchair parking spaces. Two rows of seats were removed from the last carriage to accommodate wheelchairs. We strictly customize according to the needs of customers. The following are the painting schemes of the two trains:

Painting Scheme of Trackless Train Ride

Trackless Train Ride Painting Scheme

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Technical Parameter of the Medium Trackless Train

Structure 1 locomotive + 3 coaches
Power Electric
Size Locomotive: 3.5M*1.5M*2.2M
Coaches: 2.5M*1.5M*2.2M
Capacity 9 people/each coaches, 27 people in total
Max speed 20KM/H
Minimum turning radius 5M
Power 7.5KW
Batteries 36 pieces 72V400A

Production Details of the Trackless Train Rides

The painting and manufacturing process of the 2 trains are manufactured and painted in strict accordance with the painting plan. The customer is also very satisfied with the effect of the actual equipment.

Trackless Train Ride to the USA Production Details

Trackless Train Ride Production Details

Production Details of Beston Trackless Train Ride

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Packing and Shipping Details to the USA

Item Details
Packing Structures: packed with Bubble film and black cotton
Fragile parts: packed in bags or cartons
Shipping information 1 Each train will give: Tires (1 front + 2 compartments), 30 replaceable LED lights, 1 rearview mirror, 4 connecting wires, 3 bottles of e-liquid.

2. Provide a packing list, which is convenient for finding and counting the goods after arriving at the destination.

3. Provide product installation and operating instructions.

Test Video of These Two Trains In Our Factory

Before delivery, our trains generally have to test run several times to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. The following is the trial run video of the two trains in this order:

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