3 Sets of Trackless Trains Sent to Chile

3 Sets of Trackless Trains Sent to Chile
2023-03-21 Comments Off on 3 Sets of Trackless Trains Sent to Chile Cases Beston

Not too long ago, our regular customer from Chile contacted our sales manager again, because of its need purchasing needs of 3 sets of trackless train ride. Due to the previous cooperation foundation, the customer is very satisfied with the quality of our trains and trusts our company, so after communicating with the business manager about the specific details of the train and consulting the price, our company soon received the customer’s advance payment, let’s take a look at the specific details of the order:

Electric Trackless Train Running In Chile Shopping Mall

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Purchasing Timeline of This Order



2018 – 2019

6 sets of trackless trains


Trackless train accessories, which including chargers and pedals


3 sets of trackless trains

 (2 sets of trackless train with one locomotive and 4 coaches, 1 set of trackless train with one locomotive and 1 coach)

Production and Shipping Details of Trackless Trains to Chile

In the production process of trackless trains, we strictly control the production process to ensure the high-quality production of the equipment, and after the equipment is produced, we will carry out the actual operation according to the standard process to meet the requirements of no-load, full-load, and partial-load experiments, and the test time for electrical appliances is not short In 2 hours, after the test machine is qualified, it is packaged according to the packaging requirements of bubble film + iron frame, and is packaged according to the export packaging standard to reduce the wear and tear of the train during transportation and ensure that the customer receives the train in its entirety.

Locomotive of Beston trackless train ride

Trackless train coaches

Beston trackless train coaches

bubble film + iron frame packing of trackless train

Beston trackless train is ready for shipping to Chile

Trackless train is ready for shipping to Chile

Running Video of the Train Selected by the Customer

Feedback on Trackless Trains from Shopping Mall in Chile

The delivery of the three trains was arranged in early October, and they arrived in Chile at the end of October. After simple assembly and test runs, the three trackless trains were put into operation soon. The following is the train operation diagram sent by the customer:

Trackless Train Running in Chile Mall

Beston Trackless Train In Chile Shopping Mall

Trackless Train in Shopping Mall In Chile

4 Main Reasons Why Customers Choose Us

The reason why customers cooperate with us time and time again and purchase trackless trains from our company is not only the recognition of the quality of our trains, but also because they trust us and are satisfied with our service attitude.

High Quality

We have cooperated before. The customer bought 6 trackless trains from our company before and was very satisfied with the quality of our small trains, so there is a follow-up cooperation.

Reasonable Price

The price of the trackless train ride we provide to customers is very reasonable, and we also provide customers with useful toolboxes, which help customers reduce a lot of maintenance costs.

Timely Reply

Our business managers provide customers with one-to-one services in a timely manner according to their needs, reducing customers’ waiting time and providing a good purchasing experience.

Good Service

Our after-sales service team provides customers with support in trackless train equipment and operation in a timely manner, and solves problems in the operation process of customers timely.

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