Advantages of Trackless Tourist Trains

Advantages of Trackless Tourist Trains
2022-02-17 Comments Off on Advantages of Trackless Tourist Trains Guide Beston

When you want to buy a new train for your business, you may confuse which types of train rides to buy, trackless trains or track trains? Now let’s learn some advantages of trackless train, you can also get advantages of track trains. Then you can get a better decision on which trains to choose when you want to start new business on these rains.

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  • Firstly, the venue of trackless train is flexible and unrestricted: we all know that track train requires higher conditions, and the later maintenance work is also more complicated. The trackless train site is not restricted by the track, flexible and lovely, and is favored by investors and passengers.
  • Second, the trackless train has multiple uses: In addition to the role of the trackless train to carry passengers, it also serves as a tourist promotion highlight of the scenic spot, bringing more tourists to the scenic spot. Not only that, the trackless trains on the market have various shapes and can also be used as a carrier of education, allowing children to learn in play and grow in company.
  • Wide range of application scenarios: Trackless trains can be widely used in scenic spots, squares, parks, playgrounds, shopping malls, schools, sales centers and other indoor and outdoor venues. Due to the high attendance rate of trackless sightseeing trains, the passenger flow is more objective. Therefore, it is the first choice for investors.
  • Strong parent-child interaction: family parent-child, friends and girlfriends, strong interaction, giving a more warm and happy atmosphere of play.
  • Trackless train with high quality and good stability: the outer shell of the locomotive of the Royal Special Trackless locomotive is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, the frame is welded with steel structure, and the surface is sprayed for protection. In addition, the intelligent electronic control of new energy vehicles is adopted, the service brake of the dual-pipe oil circuit disc brake system is combined with the parking brake of the manual mechanical central brake, which has good stability and is safe and secure.
  • Pure electric drive, environmental protection and safety: The Royal Special Train has 8 6V 200A lead-acid batteries, charging for 8 hours, and the cruising range is 10-12 hours. It is driven by pure electric power and driven by electric motors. The small column adopts automatic intelligent charger 48V/16A, brushless motor controller, battery pack DC48V, 4 12V100AH ​​lead-acid maintenance-free batteries, no pollution, no emissions, environmental protection and safety.
  • Low cost and short payback period: Compared with rail trains and other large amusement equipment, the general market price of trackless sightseeing train equipment is only tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. The appearance design is impressive, the choices are diverse, the revenue is stable, and the payback period is short.

Above are the advantages of trackless trains, any questions about these trains? Welcome to contact Beston Amusement for details.

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