Backyard Trains for Sale

Several different types of backyard trains for sale you can buy from Beston Amusement. Mini trains with track that is suitable for backyard use get more and more popular at home. Are you looking for new backyard riding trains for kids to play? Welcome to contact Beston Group for price list now!

BNBY-01 Backyard Track Train Rides

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BNBY-02 Backyard Riding Trains

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Introduction of Beston Backyard Trains

The backyard train is a privately owned which is used in the backyard. It comes with small sizes, or we can say miniature size. But it is large enough for kids or adults to ride on. We have many different types of backyard trains, most of them are track trains. But if you need trackless trains for your backyard, you can also discuss with us.

Features of Beston Backyard Track Trains

The track train for backyard use is beautiful and generous and they are all made of high-quality fiberglass, and the surface is painted with car paint, which is bright in color and not easy to peel off. The control system is equipped with a frequency converter, and the train soft start and soft stop, making you feel comfortable and safe. The lights flicker at night, very gorgeous, and old customers are welcome to consult and purchase from Beston Amusement.

BNBY-03 Backyard Trains

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BNBY-04 Track Train Rides for Backyard

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Life-span of Beston Backyard Trains

The mechanical parts of the trackyard track trains are made of national standard steel, and the strong and sturdy glass fiber reinforced plastic is painted with special car paint, which can ensure that the three-year outdoor operation of the non-fading glass fiber reinforced plastic load-bearing part is added with the national standard steel embedded parts. The larger load-bearing 150KG motor uses the name motor. Rugged and durable, with unified national quality assurance, only energy-saving lamps for amusement equipment are replaced and not repaired, with high brightness.

Applications of Backyard Trains from Beston

The track trains for backyard use is suitable for people of all ages. And Beston backyard trains not only suitable for backyard use, they can also used for investment in natural scenic spots, parks, playgrounds, squares, communities and other indoor and outdoor recreational areas with large flow of people. Where will you want to use the trains?

Backyard Riding Trains Manufacturer – Beston Amusement

We manufacture gas and electric powered trains that is sized for both children and adult riders. Except for backyard, our track and trackless trains can be also used for amusement parks, funfairs, theme parks, shopping malls and etc. Whether you’re wanting to start a ride business, adding to an existing business, or just looking for a mini train for your home or backyard, Beston Trains will be your great choice!

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