Beston Trackless Train for Uzbekistan

Here is the feedback of Beston trackless train rides that is running in Uzbekistan square. We received the inquiry about trackless train rides several months ago, and soon our sales manager reply the customer soon with price list. At last, they bought several amusement park rides which including trackless trains and robot rides. Now, these new rides running well in Uzbekistan. Want to know more? Send your inquiry!

quote for Beston trackless mall train

Trackless Train Rides Types from Beston

We have many different types of trackless train rides that can be used in Uzbekistan amusement parks, funfairs and squares. Large trackless trains with more than 40 capacity, small trackless train rides with 18 person, track train rides, electric trackless trains, steam trackless trains and etc. Which kind of trackless train will you need? Contact Beston team now!