Children’s Formula Funfair Ride For Sale

Children's Formula -fairground track ride for sale

Children’s Formula -fairground track ride for sale

For the younger ones it’s all about fun times. We have an amazing variety of fun rides and attractions that are suitable for children of all ages. Listed below is our most popular kids attractions-Children’s Formula Funfair Ride that you can buy from us, however we often research and development new attractions so if there’s something you fancy that you can’t see here please get in touch and we’ll see if we have it available for your funfair or amusement business.

Brief introduction of superb car track-Formula one circuit ride, ideal for all ages.

Children’s car track ride, always popular at events. Formula, a track ride featuring various vehicles that children can pretend to drive. Featuring an entire convoy of Lorries, Motorbikes, sports Cars, motor trucks, and every car is different on styles and colors, the little ones are spoilt for choosing on this wonderful ride.

Video of Beston Formula one circuit ride:

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Children’s Formula Funfair Ride made on the factory:

Ride Experience of Children’s Formula Funfair Ride

Kids are driven round on this fun filled Formula Cars ride, it’s great to see how they smile and wave at the parents as they come round again and again. Drive a sports car, ride a bike or ride in a truck on the freeway, children love to ride around and around and over the hills on this kiddie car ride fun-fairground track ride.

Introduction Of Kiddie Car Ride-Formula Cars On Beston:

Beston’s Formula one circuit ride is made up by 10 to 15 different modelling style cars. Each car has a single drive, but when the ride start, all the cars will in a synchronous speed, driving along the vertical orbit. Colorful lights, sound and children’s cartoons often decorated on the edge-on and cars, making the children sometimes have a feel to tramp over hill and Dale Mountains. And sometimes leap space and time. Thrill but no panic!

Beston Formula rides for children and youngsters for sale has a capacity of 28 kids per load and takes 20 KW or KVA of power to operate. Its dimensions are 42 feet long by 22 feet deep, and it takes only 90 minutes to set up or 60 minutes to take down. This one would be an excellent addition to any fun fair, carnival, amusement park, family fun center, or larger party hire operator.

Category of Children’s Formula Ride on by Beston:

Here is just a selection of our fairground track ride-formula children’s ride available for sale-if you want more specific information about each Formula Track Ride, click the Red Button below each of the picture for more information:

kiddie Formula Funfair Ride Item-33

kiddie Formula Funfair Ride Item-BSRC33

quote for Beston candy-colored trackless mall train

Children’s car track Funfair ride

kiddie Formula Funfair Ride Item-BSRC34

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Amazing Events formula convoy funfair ride

kiddie Formula Funfair Ride Item-BSRC35

quote for Beston candy-colored trackless mall train




Formula Cars

kiddie Formula Funfair Ride Item-BSRC36

quote for Beston candy-colored trackless mall train




Formula Track Ride

kiddie Formula Funfair Ride Item-BSRC37

quote for Beston candy-colored trackless mall train




 Children's Formula Funfair Ride

kiddie Formula Funfair Ride Item-BSRC38

quote for Beston candy-colored trackless mall train




Superb Formula car track, ideal for all ages

kiddie Formula Funfair Ride Item-BSRC39

quote for Beston candy-colored trackless mall train




Formula one circuit ride

kiddie Formula Funfair Ride Item-BSRC40

quote for Beston candy-colored trackless mall train




Tips on buying one amazing events formula convoy funfair ride:

When it comes to organizing an event or party that is catering for young children, then consider the addition of children’s funfair ride or attraction. From our Thomas the Tank train ride to our Crazy Fun House, there is a wide choice of children’s rides to choose from. Other rides that are available include Mini Carousel, Jumping Jack, Mini Miami, Mini Trooper, Pony Adventure, and Dragon Coaster. Those are all you can buy from Beston. We particularly recommended this formula children’s car ride. Want an exclusive customized item of our fantastic array of children’s rides and attractions for this year Just leave us a massage, we will return to you as soon as possible.

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