Diesel Trackless Train for Sale

Diesel trackless train is a kind of trackless train that is produced by Beston Amusement Equipment Factory. It adopts advanced technology and is driven by diesel engine to provide means of transportation for large amusement parks, funfairs and other places. It is a popular amusement ride among new and old customer from Beston Amusement. If you want to get a new diesel train, welcome to contact Beston Group!

Diesel Trackless Train for Sale from Beston
BND-01 Diesel Trackless Train

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Beston New Diesel Trackless Trains
BND-02 Beston New Diesel Trackless Trains

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Diesel trackless train is one of the popular trackless train equipment series which is produced by Beston Amusement Equipment Factory. Powerful, the running gradient can reach 35 degrees, and two to three carriages can be added on the basis of one-to-two ordinary trackless trains. The passenger capacity is huge, and each coach can take 20 people, there usually add with two coaches in total. Welcome new and old customers from all over the world to visit the factory to buy new diesel trackless train rides.

42 Seat Diesel Trackless Train
42 Seat Diesel Trackless Train

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New Diesel Trackless Train from Beston
BND-04 New Diesel Trackless Train from Beston

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Technical Parameter of Beston Diesel Train

Item 42 Seat Diesel Trackless Train
Front length, width and height(mm) 4200*2200*2500
Length, width and height of passenger compartment (mm) 4150*1900*2500
Rated passenger 20+20+2
Maximum speed (km/h) 20
Minimum turning radius(m) 10
Maximum driving gradient  (full load) ≤20%
Maximum braking distance (m) 4
Fuel capacity (L) 70
Minimum ground clearance (mm) 160
Front wheelbase (mm) 2250
Front wheelbase (mm) 1260

Technical Parameter of Beston Diesel Trackless Train Coaches

Model 20 Person Coaches
Car size (mm) 4150*1900*2500
Number of passengers 4*5=20
Front/rear track 1170mm
Wheelbase 2220mm

The Main Usage of Beston Diesel Trackless Train

  • Entertainment + transportation: Trackless trains with unique and beautiful design are not only equipment for leisure and entertainment in scenic spots, theme parks, and commercial complexes, but also can be used as a means of transportation to satisfy tourists’ enjoyment of leisure, entertainment and relaxation.
  • Scenic spots in series: scenic spots with a large space, and theme parks have scattered spots. Trackless trains can not only relieve the fatigue caused by tourism, but also sightseeing along the way, connecting scenic spots in a relatively simple way. A comfortable way to enjoy the scenery along the way. Thinking from another angle, it can effectively save time and energy, and at the same time, it can disperse the traffic of scenic spots as much as possible and relieve the pressure of scenic spots. Replacing the traditional battery car not only adds a beautiful scenery to the scenic spot, but also enhances the travel experience.
  • Cultural tourism projects: “Cultural tourism integration” is the market trend in recent years, and the relationship between culture and tourism has become the current consumption. On the one hand, it is to integrate leisure tourism with cultural dissemination, and on the other hand, it can use cultural tourism projects to promote related industries. of upward development. The trackless sightseeing train is a very advantageous cultural tourism project product, which can maximize the transfer of tourism projects and consumption power in the entire business district, and promote consumption.

Reasons for Buying Diesel Trackless Trains

There are several reasons why one might choose to buy a diesel trackless train for your amusement project, including:

Durability: Diesel engines are known for their durability and longevity. They are built to withstand heavy use and can operate for many hours without requiring extensive maintenance.

Power: Diesel engines are powerful and can provide the necessary torque to pull heavy loads. This makes them ideal for use in a trackless train, which requires a significant amount of power to move passengers over various terrains.

Efficiency: Diesel engines are more fuel-efficient than gasoline engines. This means that they can provide more power while consuming less fuel, making them a more cost-effective option in the long run.

Versatility: Diesel engines can operate in a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions. This makes them suitable for use in different parts of the world, including areas with extreme weather conditions.

Availability: Diesel fuel is widely available in many parts of the world. This means that it is easier to find fuel for a diesel trackless train, especially in remote areas where other types of fuel may not be readily available.

Overall, diesel trackless trains can be a reliable and cost-effective option for transportation and entertainment purposes. However, it is important to consider factors such as emissions regulations, maintenance costs, and fuel availability when choosing between different types of engines.

Diesel Trackless Train Manufacturer – Beston

Beston is a professional diesel trackless train manufacturer. Beston’s diesel trackless trains are designed to provide a fun and enjoyable experience for passengers while offering a safe and reliable mode of transportation. They are made with high-quality materials and advanced technology to ensure their durability and long lifespan. Beston Amusement offers a variety of diesel trackless train models, including different sizes and designs, to suit different customer needs and preferences. They also offer customized designs to meet specific customer requirements. Welcome to contact Beston Amusement for price now!

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