Electric Shuttle Bus

Electric shuttle bus, also called electric tourist train. It is a type of classic amusement rides in this industry. When you want to buy new rides for your amusement park, you may consider this. Here in Beston, you can find different types of new electric shuttle bus on sale. You can choose the type according to your requirement. Now let’s learn more about Beston electric shuttle buses.

Beston Electric Shuttle Bus for Sale
BNES-01 Beston Electric Shuttle Bus

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New Electric Shuttle Bus for Sale
BNES-02 New Electric Shuttle Bus

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Different Types of Electric Shuttle Bus from Beston

  • By seat, you can find electric shuttle bus with 9 seat, 14 seat, 24 seat, 27 seat and 42 seat.
  • By style, you can buy ocean theme electric shuttle bus, elephant electric shuttle bus, Thomas electric shuttle bus, vintage electric shuttle bus, grand electric bus from Beston Amusement.
  • By power, you can find electric type shuttle bus and diesel-electric shuttle bus.
Red Electric Shuttle Bus
BNES-03 Red Electric Shuttle Bus

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Kids Electric Shuttle Bus for Sale
BNES-04 Kids Electric Shuttle Bus

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Advantages of Beston Electric Shuttle Bus

1. Novel modeling: gorgeous and beautiful appearance, colorful body colors, colorful lighting decoration, pleasing to the eyes, making people happy
2. Quality assurance: The steel structure is made of high-quality materials, all of which are well-known domestic first-line brands, and strictly follow domestic and international standards. High-quality FRP, smooth and burr-free, durable
3. Customize as you like: colors, styles, etc. can be customized according to your requirements, and the logo slogan of scenic parks can be designed on demand
4. High-end customization: add monitors, always pay attention to passenger safety
5. Convenient operation: receive and use, go and stop, excellent performance, simple operation, safe and reliable, and low failure rate
6. High attendance rate: 24 seats have a large passenger capacity, effectively sharing the flow of people in the scenic area, and quick return on costs and high returns
7. Evacuation of crowds: the train passes through various scenic spots, effectively evacuating crowded crowds, and diverting traffic for other equipment in the park

Drive Method for Electric Shuttle Bus

Methods of obtaining electric energy from the storage battery of sightseeing cars, such as coal, nuclear power, water power, etc. Electric sightseeing cars can make full use of the surplus electricity during the night when the electricity is low for charging, so that the power generation equipment can be fully utilized day and night, which greatly improves its economic benefits, and is conducive to energy saving and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

Motor Repair of Beston Electric Shuttle Bus

Firstly, you must determine the brand of your electric sightseeing car. Generally, the charger is not universal. If the chargers of different models of the same brand are used with each other, it is easy to cause overcharging or undercharging, which has a great impact on the protection of the battery. It is recommended to Use the original charger.

Electric Shuttle Bus Buying Tips from Beston

  • When buying an electric sightseeing car, not only must pay attention to its appearance, but also its battery carrying capacity must also be deeply understood. Only batteries with large capacity, long life and high safety can ensure the smooth operation of the sightseeing car.
  • Check whether the tires are in good condition. Only if the battery is fully charged and the tires are saturated with gas, then we can proceed with peace of mind.
  • When you need to buy an electric sightseeing car, you can go to a professional company for consultation. The company that integrates R&D, design and sales is the best. Only a large-scale company can provide us with high-quality products and high-quality after-sales service.
  • Before buying, you must ask the other party about the after-sales guarantee work, such as: whether the after-sales is timely, generally one-year warranty, but the buyer can actually fight for 2 years, and the large quantity can take 3 years and require a stationed technician.

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