Fiberglass and Iron Shell of Trackless Train Rides

Fiberglass and Iron Shell of Trackless Train Rides
2019-11-20 Comments Off on Fiberglass and Iron Shell of Trackless Train Rides Guide Beston

The trackless train is a very popular and profitable amusement project in the amusement park and funfair. Whether it is in the square, in the park or in the mall, you can see the small trains moving back and forth everywhere. It is also the favorite of the children. In order to make a beautiful trackless train, many operators use the trackless train as a “weapon” to attract customers. So how do you choose a trackless train? Today, Beston Amusement teaches you one of the most basic methods to look at materials.

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The appearance and service life of a trackless train is mainly determined by its material. Generally speaking, the shell material of trackless small train  is divided into two types, one is a full iron body and the other is an integral glass steel body. So what are the differences and advantages and disadvantages of these two kinds of shells?

First of all, the FRP shell is now used. Most of the small train manufacturers now use an integrated FRP body. Because FRP has the advantages of wear resistance, waterproof, sunscreen, no fading, no deformation, and light weight, it makes the trackless train. The use time is greatly increased, the appearance will not be discolored and deformed due to the wind and the sun, and the body is light, so the life time of the whole trackless train must be strengthened. Moreover, the angle of the integral FRP is smooth and round, and it will not scratch the passenger, and the safety factor is greatly increased. The disadvantage is that the cost of FRP is slightly more expensive than the iron body.

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Compared with the advantages of the FRP shell, the iron shell is a little lacking. Although the iron body is cheaper, it seems that the difference is not much different from that of the FRP body, but the service life is far less than that of the FRP body, and the metal body is easy to rain. Rusting paint, sun and fading, and easy to deform is not easy to repair, because it is a pure iron welding body operation, the abnormal sound is large, the car body is angular, the children are easy to scratch, and the safety performance is greatly reduced. Although the cost has been reduced, it has sacrificed most of the advantages and core security issues of the trackless train.

Know why most of the trackless small train manufacturers are using the FRP body, which is the survival of the fittest, everyone is pursuing innovation and technology, efficient and safe.

Beston Amusement has a special FRP production line, forming, grinding, baking, polishing, and repainting. The quality products after a series of processes are designed to make customers look comfortable and use them with confidence. Buying a trackless train suggests buying an FRP body, so Beston Amusement Equipment will be your best partner.

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