Golf Carts for Sale

Golf carts for sale, also called electric golf cart, battery golf carts, gas powered golf cart. The golf cart is special designed for the golf course. It is powered by electric which belongs to the environmentally friendly passenger car. Beston golf carts are popular used in the resorts, villages, garden hotels, tourist attractions, schools and etc. It is one of the most convenient short-distance transportation. There are many different models of new golf carts for sale in our factory. Contact us for price list now!

Golf Cart for Sale from Beston
BNGC-6A Golf Cart

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Beston New Golf Carts for Sale
BNGC-6B Beston New Golf Carts

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Classification of Beston Wholesale Golf Carts

By Power Electric Powered Golf Carts
Battery Operated Golf Carts
Gas Powered Golf Carts
By Capacity 2 Seat Golf Cart
4 Seat Golf Carts
6 Seats Golf Cart
BY Seat Type Face to Face
Back to Back
Red Golf Carts for Sale
BNGC-4A Red Golf Carts

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White Golf Carts for Sale
BNGC-4B White Golf Carts

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Tips for Using New Golf Carts from Beston

  • The golf carts should not exceed the rated capacity which is specified by the manufacturer.
  • Without the approval of the manufacturer, please do not make any design modifications in order to avoid affecting the vehicle’s ability and operational safety.
  • Modifications due to replacement of different component configurations (such as battery packs, tires, seats, etc.) shall not reduce safety and comply with the requirements of this specification.
  • It is recommended that the slope of the road should not exceed 25%, and the slope top and the bottom of the slope must be smoothly transitioned to prevent the bottom of the vehicle from colliding with the road surface. When the slope exceeds 25%, it is recommended to install the sign. At this point, you must drive the vehicle with extreme care.
White Back to Back Golf Carts for Sale
BNGC-4C White Back to Back Golf Carts

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White Face to Back Golf Carts for Sale
BNGC-4D White Face to Back Golf Carts

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Hot to Save Power for Your Battery?

  • Avoid electric golf carts to accelerate start

The rapid acceleration starts of the golf carts, the current of the high-voltage circuit will be very large. The frequent rapid acceleration will affect the life of the motor controller and the power battery, and shorten the driving range.

  • Avoid electric golf carts rapid stop

Sudden braking should be avoided as much as possible, because sudden braking will not only accelerate the grinding of the brake lining, but also the current feedback caused by emergency braking will affect the motor controller, affecting the driving range and motor controller life.

  • Maintain a stable driving speed of the electric golf cart

In the case of road and traffic conditions, the vehicle should maintain a stable driving speed. The vehicle starts, and after accelerating to a certain speed, the accelerator pedal can be properly relaxed to maintain the current speed.

  • Maintain the normal tire pressure of the electric golf cart
2 Seat Golf Carts for Sale
BNGC-2A 2-Seat Golf Carts

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White Golf Carts for Sale
BNGC-2B White Golf Carts

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Features of Beston Golf Carts for Sale

Improve vehicle handling stability, active roof window

How Much are Golf Carts to Buy

Generally speaking, the price of most golf carts will be ranging from $4,000 to $10,000. Price will different if the capacity, electric power is different. Also, many people want to add some decorations, for example, headlights, LED light and others, these will also increase the cost.

How do electric golf cart motors work?

Usually, the golf cart works by offering electric power from the battery that is pack to a motor which turns your wheels. 36 and 48v is provided for the battery.

Where to Buy a Golf Cart?

Beston is a wholesale golf carts manufacturer and supplier, we’re manufacturing many electric trackless train rides and also track trains for different place use. Our golf carts can be customized according to your need. With the development of electric trains, our new golf carts have been exported to many different places, such as UK, USA, Canada, Philippine, Nigeria, Thailand, Dubai, Georgia etc. If you are looking to buy golf carts for your place, contact us now!

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