Guide for Buying New Trackless and Track Trains

Guide for Buying New Trackless and Track Trains
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As a special transportation tools in the amusement parks, trackless train will take its advantage of the transportation function, so that the tourists can enjoy the scenery along the way. At the same time, some electric trackless trains can also have coffee bars, restaurants and other leisure places. These facilities make the train rides have a casual function. Some guide for buying new trackless and track train from Beston Amusement.

Classification of Tourist Trains

Small Track Trains:  laying rails along the sides of the mountainous area of ​​the scenic spot, driving through the train wheels and the rails which called the rail-visited trains and also track trains, the small tracked trains and the standard type of sightseeing electric trains.

Trackless train: driving along the cement and asphalt roads in the scenic spot, driving through pneumatic tires, called the trackless sightseeing train. The trackless train cites the train concept on its appearance. Compared with the small track train, it has its own unique advantages, such as short manufacturing cycle and low manufacturing cost.

Single-track overhead train: laying steel structure rails along the mountainous area of ​​the scenic spot, driving through the rubber wheel and steel structure surface, single-track small train and light rail train series.

Characteristics of Trackless Train

As a special means of transportation for scenic spots, sightseeing trains are also an important tourist attraction while taking on the passenger transport function.

The trackless train can integrate many scenic spots with each other in the scenic spot, especially for large-scale scenic spots, scenic spots and small trains are effective tools to enhance the accessibility of various scenic spots.

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The tourism landscape design along the tourist and sightseeing trains should be rich and varied, and the scenery should be changed to give visitors a visual meal.

There should be a scenic sightseeing station along the scenic small train. In addition to the necessary tourist facilities, the scenic sightseeing station also has a variety of tourism activities and projects.

The sightseeing train can effectively cooperate with other vehicles to effectively organize the traffic system of the scenic spot and realize the seamless docking between the scenic spots.

On the playground, in the tourist scene, and in the large shopping malls, you can see the small trains on the sightseeing track. The children sitting on the faces are filled with happy smiles. The parents look at the eyes naturally. Fulfilled. This emerging trackless small tram is light in weight, has a very stable driving speed, and the appearance of the small train is also very cute and lovely, and is loved by consumers.

More scenic spots began to choose to use the sightseeing trackless train, this kids amusement equipment really has many features to attract more consumers.

Firstly, it is very safe. From the point of view of the parts, the trackless train is non-toxic, they have no sharp edges, and the combination is strong. From the point of view of operation, the speed is moderate and the space for operation is stable.

Second, it is very open. The consumer groups facing the tourless trains are comprehensive and can be described as both young and old.

Moreover, it is very creative. A trackless train can bring the right sensory stimuli, and sophisticated manufacturing is also a curiosity that inspires children. It can also be explored while playing, and it is also an extension of thinking.

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