How a Trackless Train Makes Noise

By 1 year ago

What are the reasons for the noise of trackless trains? As a professional manufacturer of trains, I would like to remind you of the places where trolley trains may produce noise:

    • We should check the wheels of trackless trains on a regular basis. First of all, see how the tire pressure of the trains and the accessories are good. Especially the brakes of trackless trains should be checked.
    • Equipment are prohibited from being exposed to the sun, especially in summer, when the sun is relatively large. High temperature will cause great damage to the battery and shorten the battery life.
  • When driving, especially in winter, you should speed up slowly. This is not only for safety, but also to avoid damage to the parts of the trolleyless train caused by instant acceleration.
  • Check if there is any problem with the reducer of the four wheels of the trackless train. Check if the internal contact point of the lubricant is sufficient. If the lubricant is found to be black, it needs to be replaced.
  • The gear of the trackless train may be faulty. Check the operation of the gear, whether the surface is damaged, whether the center axis is misaligned, etc. If the gear is broken, it can no longer be used.
  • It may also be that the electronic control box of the trackless train is broken. First check whether there is a problem with the current trackless train connection, or whether some of the contacts are aging. In this case, the electronic control box needs to be replaced again.

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