How to Maintain the Track Trains

How to Maintain the Track Trains
2019-11-28 Comments Off on How to Maintain the Track Trains Guide Beston

As a kind of popular kiddie rides, track train rides are very popular in many places, amusement park, funfairs, squares and etc. However, many owners of the train rides often ignore the maintenance work of track trains in the process of using them.There will be various problems during the operation. Below Beston Amusement will introduce to you how to maintain and maintain amusement equipment track trains.

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Repair and Maintenance of Beston Track Trains

Regarding the maintenance of the track trains in the amusement parks, the maintenance and repair suggestions given by the technicians of Beston Amusement Ltd. are as follows. Now let’s learn more tips about these.

  • Generator Set Maintenance of the Track Trains

You should dust the generator set every 3 months.

Replace the engine timing belt every 4 years.

Replace the engine oil, oil filter and air filter element every year.

  •  Air Compressors Maintenance for Track Trains

Change the oil every 6 months.

Replace the filter element in the filter every month.

Open the drain valve below the air tank every week to drain off the dirt.

Repair and maintenance of ride on track trains

  • Reducer Maintenance of Track Train Rides

Dust the reducer every 3 months.

Check the gearbox fixing bolts every week for looseness.

Replace the reducer oil every year, and the oil grade should not be lower than GL-4 lubricant.

  • Track Maintenance of the Track Trains

Tighten the bolts at the track butt joint monthly.

Repair the ballast bed weekly and fill it with stones if there is void.

The gauge is measured with a gauge every year, and the gauge error is -3mm ~ + 5mm. If it exceeds the range, it must be adjusted.

Check the track of the train monthly and replace them if they are severely worn. Use a fillet gauge to measure the fillet of the track. The error is greater than 8mm. Replace the track.

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