Trackless Mall Train For Sale

Brief Introduction of Trackless Mall Train Rides

Which kids don’t like the mall train So do adults. Trains have been part of tradition for generations, children and adults alike have been fascinated by trains. If you’ve been to the mall, you will find mall trains at the mall are becoming more and more popular. Kids and adults alike love trackless train mall and are very excited when they see the authentic- looking steam locomotive. Trains in malls can serve as a means of transport, Shopping Mall Trains are often used in shopping malls to entertain children while their parents are shopping.

Beston Trackless Mall Train
BNTM-01 Beston Trackless Mall Train

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Trackless Mall Train Rides
BNTM-02 Trackless Mall Train Rides

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And the Electrical Mall Train itself is a tourist attraction too, offering sightseeing. Adults and children can take photos beside the mall train rides as a souvenir. In addition, as a kind of marketing way of attracting customers, Trackless Mall Train Ride now is an essential entertainment for supermarket .The Mini Express – Electric Trackless Train for sale on Beston not only can make the children linger, but can add romance and fun atmosphere for shopping mall during the holiday season.

Kids Trackless Mall Train
BNTM-03 Kids Trackless Mall Train

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New Trackless Mall Train
BNTM-04 New Trackless Mall Train

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Beston’s trackless mall train|Shopping Mall Trains|Electrical Mall Train

Mall trains for sale on Beston are very maneuverable, environmentally friendly and are very good investment for your business. We manufacture hot-selling trackless mall train for sale sized for both children and adult riders. Whether you’re wanting to start a mall train business, adding to an existing business, or looking for a unique attraction for your organization, Beston trackless mall train is the perfect choice!

Buy New Trackless Mall Train
BNTM-05 Buy New Trackless Mall Train

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New Trackless Mall Train for Sale
BNTM-06 New Trackless Mall Train

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Established since 1995, as a professional trackless train manufacturer, Beston Trains have built a reputation as leaders in the field of specialist trackless train sales both here in China and abroad. With a wealth of experience, a fully-insured professional service and a 100% safety, track-record Trackless mall train made on Beston include old- style steam engine locomotives, Choo Choo train for birthday party. Great pay-back on your investment! More details you can contact us.

Beston Trackless Mall Train
BNTM-07 Beston Trackless Mall Train

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Trackless Mall Train Rides
BNTM-08 Trackless Mall Train Rides

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Options Of Beston Trackless Mall Train Rides for Sale

While many other companies build their trackless train rides from a third party industrial vehicle, the trackless mall train by Beston is totally built and assembled at our factory. Because of this, we has the relatively low price and the high cost performance quality. The models listed below all can be made by us, choose the one that you like most and contact us now!

We do produce and manufacturing different kinds of trackless trains for shopping mall use. But we also supply electric track mall trains. Different types of new train rides in malls you usually see, you can choose from Beston factory. They are suitable for large and smaller shopping malls. We provide low cost mall use train rides with different colors, capacity and sizes. Welcome to buy mall trains from Beston.

Where to buy a high quality trackless mall train with low price?

Best Trackless Mall Train
BNTM-09 Best Trackless Mall Train

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Trackless Mall Train for Sale
BNTM-10 Trackless Mall Train for Sale

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Start a New Trackless Mall Train Business?

Beston is an electric trackless train manufacturer, providing small mall trackless train for kids with lowest price. Beston Mall small train is in fiery booking now, welcome customer for a field trips.Why choice Beston small train Next I will give you a detailed explanation of the special structure of Beston train:

The paint of trackless train for sale adopts car baking paint, which has advantages of bright color, strong visual impact, good surface finish and easy to scrub. The color of the Mini Express are mixed by our professionals, and it also can be blended into various color according to customer requirements. The perfect painting and the right proportion with the real train makes Beston royal rides trackless train ride a perfect work of art in any place. One-meter design suitable for the width of any narrow road. The designation of three-turn rounds makes the Family amusement funfair train ride to have a more flexible steering.

Beston theme park family amusement trackless ride has a very large battery, so power is more durable: eight 6 v 220 ah battery has a total power of 48 v which can last continuously 15 hours or more, reaching 120 kilometers far. Reasonable design of the mechanical solitary brake system can make the types of amusement park train rides more stable. In addition, we can mount the Kiddie train chimney effect according to customers’ requirements. The carnival trackless train rides itself has a real siren horn. Traction motor: dc traction motor series permanent magnet / 3 kW. So it is stronger than ordinary battery car motor driving, even after a full-day working, the motor is not very hot.

Beston will be your best choice on the way to new trackless mall train business. Here you can choose different types of trackless trains and even track trains for your mall business. Welcome to buy Beston Mall Train Rides!

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