Mini Train for Sale

Mini train for sale, also called kiddie train rides, there are mainly two types of mini trains for sale, mini track trains and mini trackless train rides. We are one of the largest mini train rides manufacturer, we manufacturing all kinds of mini train rides for kids use which is suitable for amusement parks and parties. Contact us now for price of mini train rides.

Circus Train Ride-Train on Rails

Circus Train Ride for Sale

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Amusement track train ride

Amusement Track Train Ride For Sale

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Formula Funfair Ride

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Big beard Kiddie electric games track train

Train Rides For Kids

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New Trackless Train for Sale

Most popular Trackless Train for Sale with Photos and Price List

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Trackless Mall Train

Trackless Mall Train For Sale

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Introduction of Different Types of Mini Train Rides for Sale

The main two different types of mini train rides can be classified into mini trackless train rides and mini track train rides. Let’s learn more about these mini size train rides now.

  • Mini Trackless Train Rides

Mini size trackless trains will be running along with the scenic area of cement, asphalt road driving. Through the pneumatic tires and kilometers with the mini train, that’s the reason why we called them mini trackless train rides. From its appearance, mini trackless train is similar with the ordinary real trains. Compare with the mini track train rides, manufacturing cycle of trackless train rides is short and also they need low manufacturing costs.

  • Mini Track Trains for Sale

Mini track trains need to be paved rails, through the cooperation between train wheel and the steel rail, mini track train will plays a greater role. In our factory, size and materials of the track for mini trains can be customized according to your special requirement. We can also paint logo and other attractive and colorful features on the track train as you need. But we have some mini track trains in stock, if you need these trains in an agent use. You can buy our in stock train rides for your business.

Advantages of Mini Trackless Trains and Mini Track Train Sets for Sale

  • Mini trackless trains can be used as a scenic spot transport.
  • It carrying passengers and at the same times, they also attract more tourists and has been one of the most important tourist attraction.
  • Mini trackless train will integrate the scenic attractions, especially for large-scale scenic spots and attractions, mini train rides will enhance the accessibility of different attractions.
  • Mini trackless train rides is different from the mini track train rides, they can corporate with other transport tools. Mini trackless trains are more suitable for lots of places and activities. They can go to any places which is flat and carry people around the place. But mini track train rides should be installed in a fixed place. It is hard to move once installed.

As one of the largest and professional mini train sets manufacturer in China, Beston Amusement has become more and more large and intentions. We supply all around post-services for our customer. Our mini train rides are suitable for birthday parties, amusement parks, funfairs, activities, large events, schools, playground and etc. If you need to buy new mini amusement park train rides for your business, Get in touch with Beston Amusement Train Rides Manufacturer Now! After received your inquiry, we will contact with you immediately and send you the detailed quotation. You can choose the best mini train rides from our factory.

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