New Trackless Train from Beston

Are you looking for new trackless trains for your business? When you decide to start business on amusement park rides, trackless train rides maybe the most popular one for you to choose. Here in Beston, we will show you some new design trackless trains in this page. Welcome to contact us to get price and quotation of these new trackless train rides.

New Trackless Train
BNN-01 New Trackless Train

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New Trackless Train Rides
BNN-02 New Trackless Train Rides

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Details of New Trackless Trains

The trackless train is a universal small train, which can be placed in various places, such as shopping malls, scenic spots, squares and other places, without site restrictions, and the scope of use is particularly wide. The small train is battery driven when running, which is environmentally friendly and energy-saving, and there is no need to worry about pollution problems whether indoors or outdoors. The design has special decorations such as smoke emitters, which can attract tourists more, and can also customize a variety of novel shapes according to the needs of customers, and the entire equipment is full of marquee design, whether it is rainy or night, it can not stop the dazzling of the small train.

Beston New Trackless Train
BNN-03 Beston New Trackless Train

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New Design Trackless Train Rides
BNN-04 New Design Trackless Train Rides

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Different Types of New Trackless Trains

  • Large Trackless Trains

The large trackless train is a new type of electric bus produced by Beston Amusement in Henan. It is mainly suitable for scenic sightseeing, park play and leisure farms. According to the number of seats, the trackless trains are divided into 27 seats, 42 seats, 58 seats and 72 seats. You can choose whatever you need. The text and color scheme on the body can be customized. It is a trackless train. Of course, it can also be transformed into a track train according to customer requirements. It gets rid of the restriction that the rail sightseeing train needs to rely on the rail operation, and the operation is more convenient and flexible. Taking the large trackless train in the scenic spot can not only travel, avoid fatigue on the way, but also enjoy the surrounding scenery, which is very comfortable.

BNN-05 Large New Trackless Train
BNN-05 Large New Trackless Train

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Thomas Trackless Train
BNN-06 Thomas Trackless Train

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  • Thomas Trackless Trains

The Thomas trackless train refers to the train concept in appearance, with Thomas-shaped locomotive, compared with the track train, it has its own unique advantages, such as short manufacturing cycle and low manufacturing cost.

Kids New Trackless Train
BNN-07 Kids New Trackless Train

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Beston Amusement Train
BNN-08 Beston Amusement Train

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Features of New Trackless Trains from Beston

  • Various Types of Trackless Trains: Beston Amusement has various types and models of trackless trains, and the main products are kiddie trackless trains.
  • Quality Control: Brand suppliers are selected for the procurement of important parts of the trackless train to ensure reliable product quality.
  • Wide Range of Usage: The trackless train rides are widely used in scenic spots, playgrounds, theme parks, characteristic towns, cultural squares, commercial pedestrian streets, large shopping malls, zoos, aquariums, museums and other places.
  • Personalized Customization: In order to help customers create a theme culture and improve their core competitiveness, Beston Amusement will customize personalized trackless trains for customers according to their own subjective and objective conditions, and allow customers to participate in product design and production.

Why Choose Our New Design Trackless Train?

Beston Amusement is a leading amusement park rides manufacturer in China, you can find different types of new trackless train rides from our website. We have plenty of new design trackless train rides that can be delivery to different countries.

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