Tourist Train for Sale

There are many different types of tourist trains for sale in Beston Amusement rides manufacturer. Tourist trains belongs to a road train trams. Trackless Train for tourist is an interconnected low-speed rubber- tired road vehicles used for the transport of passengers. It has a driving vehicle pulling one or more carriages connected by drawbar couplings, just like the real railway train. The carriage may seat between 6 to 40 persons. Sometimes, the commercial vehicle tram-tourist train have a roof, sometimes it is open. For safety consideration, the carriage usually has a door or chains to prevent passengers while in motion.

Tourist Trains for Sale
BNBT-19A Tourist Trains

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Red Tourist Train for Sale
BNBT-41C Red Tourist Train

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Tourist Train Rides from Beston

Beston’s  Locomotive tourist Trains are constructed with aluminum main frame and fiberglass body shell. The type of what we usually produce is with one power unit and two or three trailers. Each carriage can hold around 6 to 15 people, it depends on the size of the carriage. Along with the 2-speed standard transmission and articulated steering, these all makes Beston tourist train ride a perfect tourist locomotives transportation train. The appearance of Beston tourist train is novel and modern instead of some amusement trackless train ride’s nineteenth century steam train appearance.

Electric Tourist Train for Sale
BNBT-41B Electric Tourist Train

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Tourist Train Rides for Sale
BNBT-41A Tourist Train Rides

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Options of Beston Tourist Train

While many other companies build their tourist train-land train Transportation rides from a third party industrial vehicle, the trackless tram tourist trains for sale on Beston is totally built and assembled at our factory. Because of this, we has the relatively low price and the high cost performance quality.

Green Tourist Train Rides
BNBT-28B Green Tourist Train Rides

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20 Person Tourist Train
BNBT-20A 20 Person Tourist Train

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The tourist Trains models listed below all can be made by us, choose the one that you like most and contact us now!

Applications of Beston Tourist Trains

The tourist trains for sale on Beston allow people to enjoy old towns and parks in complete freedom. Beston’s tourist train-Road Train ride can be used for linking attractions like museums and zoos and other tourist destinations. Often the tourist “Trackless Train” Tram ride itself is a tourist attraction too, which offering sightseeing along scenic routes as well as a transport service. Sometimes tourist trains even help reduce traffic congestion and parking problems. Compared with the Beston’s trackless mall train ride, tourist train used for tourist transportation purpose are commonly larger and have bigger power.

As the leading amusement train manufacturer and supplier, Reliable after-sales service is ensured beyond the sale with our ability to supply spares and accessories. For more information on Tourist Road Trains,please contact us on email, or leave us massage on the bottom frame.

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