Zoo Trains for Sale

Zoo trains for sale, popular trackless train rides for kids that is popular used in the zoo. In the Zoo, trackless train usually can be used as a transportation tool. There are many different types of trackless trains for sale that is suitable for Zoo. Want to buy one? Contact Beston Amusement Now!

Zoo Train for Sale
BNTZ-01 Zoo Train

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Zoo Train Rides for Sale
BNTZ-02 Zoo Train Rides

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Zoo Train Rides from Beston Amusement

The materials of trackless train body is made of high-quality glass steel which can be made into many features according to your needs. Such as antique type, animal shape, cartoon shape, combined with various elements and etc. It is very interesting and conforms to the characteristic of the city. These trackless train rides that used for the Zoo is battery-driven, green, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. It can work continuously for about 8 hours with charge only once. The electric trackless train does bring a lot of convenience and they can even be used as a means of transportation.

Large Zoo Trackless Train Rides
BNTZ-03 Large Zoo Trackless Train Rides

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Grand Zoo Trackless Train
BNTZ-04 Grand Zoo Trackless Train

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Components of Zoo Trackless Trains from Beston Amusement

When you want to run a trackless train business in the Zoo, you’re many interested in the price, size and components of these trains. Here, Beston will introduce different parts that making up of a train.

    • Firstly, the main load-bearing frame parts of the trackless trains that are used in the Zoo are all welded with the national standard steel. The workers will carefully polish the welded joints to make them smooth without burrs.
Red Trackless Train Rides for Zoo
BNTZ-05 Red Zoo Trackless Train

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Electric Zoo Trackless Train
BNTZ-06 Electric Zoo Trackless Train

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  • Secondly, it will come to the locomotive and cabins. The locomotive and the front part of the trackless train are all made of environmentally friendly and fireproof grade FRP materials.
  • Third, nowadays, most of trackless trains are all powered by electricity. So a motor or more will be needed for the train. It will also include controller, sound, and lighting control part of the trackless train.
  • Fourth, there are also five of the most important electric storage batteries for electric vehicles to ensure the endurance of the trackless trains to running in the Zoo。

So, the production process of the small train and the replacement of each part are very important. At the same time, the manufacturer can customize the production of various types of trackless trains according to the needs of users for your Zoo.

Electric Zoo Track Train Rides
BNTZ-07 Electric Zoo Track Train

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BNTZ-08 Ocean Themed Track Train for Zoo
BNTZ-08 Ocean Themed Track Train

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Features of Beston Zoo Trains for Sale

  • The appearance of these zoo trains is novel, the style is fashionable, the lighting is beautiful, the attraction is more attractive, and the steel structure main frame.
  • The locomotive and cabin is wear-resistant, flame-resistant, corrosion-resistant, stable, bright and beautiful.
  • Leather seat is comfortable and wearable, leather fabric, rebound PU, front and rear height can be adjusted
  • The beautiful colors of the lights are more attractive to the children and a beautiful scenery.
  • Leather steering wheel is non-slip, flexible, and feels good
  • High quality square tube welding, metal fittings, stronger and safer.
  • Different types of trackless and track trains can be manufactured for Zoo business.

Beston Amusement, as a leading amusement park train rides manufacturer and supplier, manufacturing all kinds of trackless trains that is suitable for Zoo use. If you want to get a custom model for your park. Welcome to contact us for price list now!

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