How to Maintain the Track Trains

As a kind of popular kiddie rides, track train rides are very popular in many places, amusement park, funfairs, squares and etc. However, many owners of the train rides often ignore the maintenance work of track trains in the process of using them.There will be various problems during the operation. Below Beston Amusement will introduce to you how to maintain and maintain amusement equipment track trains. Repair and Maintenance of Beston Track Trains Regarding the maintenance of the track trains in the amusement parks, the Continue reading →

Fiberglass and Iron Shell of Trackless Train Rides

The trackless train is a very popular and profitable amusement project in the amusement park and funfair. Whether it is in the square, in the park or in the mall, you can see the small trains moving back and forth everywhere. It is also the favorite of the children. In order to make a beautiful trackless train, many operators use the trackless train as a “weapon” to attract customers. So how do you choose a trackless train? Today, Beston Amusement teaches you one of the Continue reading →