How to Buy a Suitable Electric Train

No matter what product is being purchased, when making a purchase, you should choose the right product to meet your own needs. Especially when buying a electric bus train, when making a purchase, you should clarify the relevant precautions and master the corresponding purchasing skills. The main reason is that there are many types of electric bus trains, and different types of sightseeing trains have different application places. First of all, when making a selection, you should choose a reliable manufacturer. When choosing a tourist Continue reading →

Four Factors When Buying Trackless Train

Choosing the right trackless train for your business can not only improve the transportation level of tourist attractions, but also increase the tourist experience of tourists. In the process of choosing a sightseeing train, tourist attractions need to pay special attention to the following four points: Reliability No matter what kind of transportation equipment or entertainment equipment you choose, you must pay attention to the reliability of the product. So what kind of sightseeing train can pass reliability? The answer is that the manufacturer must Continue reading →

How a Trackless Train Makes Noise

What are the reasons for the noise of trackless trains? As a professional manufacturer of trains, I would like to remind you of the places where trolley trains may produce noise: We should check the wheels of trackless trains on a regular basis. First of all, see how the tire pressure of the trains and the accessories are good. Especially the brakes of trackless trains should be checked. Equipment are prohibited from being exposed to the sun, especially in summer, when the sun is relatively Continue reading →

Benefit of Rear-Wheel Drive Trains

The train runs fast, it all depends on the headband! The power of the sightseeing train depends on the front of the train. Everyone knows that cars are front-wheel-drive. Why do sightseeing trains use rear-wheel drive? What are the advantages of rear-wheel drive? Now let’s learn more about it. Benefits of a Rear-wheel Drive Layout for Trackless Train Simplify the Steering Mechanism and Reduce the Turning Radius If the sightseeing train is driven by front wheels, the front wheels must both steer and drive. Combining Continue reading →

How to Choose a Suitable Amusement Train

Purchasing an amusement equipment is also very simple-“thin, save money, safe and easy to open.” However, with the popularization of automobiles and the overwhelming publicity of various types of automobile media information, people’s understanding of automobiles is gradually being rationalized and improved. Facing the amusement train, how can consumers choose a reliable amusement trains manufacturer and supplier? Choose a ReliableManufacturer Choosing a train ride manufacturer is like choosing a car brand. Different brands have different positioning. Joint ventures are generally more sophisticated than domestic ones, Continue reading →

How Does the Track Train Ride Work?

When you need to buy a new track train for your business, you may want to know how does the track train ride work? How to drive the track train ride? Can you fix the train by yourself? Is it easy to drive the track train? Is it safe for kids? Now Beston Amusement will give you a detaild information about how does the track train rides. The track train rides for kids is an amusement ride where the cockpit travels along the designed track. Continue reading →

Difference Between Trackless Train and Track Train

Many people do not know how to choose to amusement trains. What is the difference between a trackless train and a track train, and what kind of occasions are suitable for them? If we want to know the essentials of their choice. We must have a certain understanding of their basic characteristics. Now let’s see the difference. Trackless Trains Generally speaking, trackless trains travel along concrete roads and asphalt roads. Usually, tires and kilometers are used to drive. This type of train can be said Continue reading →

How to Maintain the Track Trains

As a kind of popular kiddie rides, track train rides are very popular in many places, amusement park, funfairs, squares and etc. However, many owners of the train rides often ignore the maintenance work of track trains in the process of using them.There will be various problems during the operation. Below Beston Amusement will introduce to you how to maintain and maintain amusement equipment track trains. Repair and Maintenance of Beston Track Trains Regarding the maintenance of the track trains in the amusement parks, the Continue reading →

Fiberglass and Iron Shell of Trackless Train Rides

The trackless train is a very popular and profitable amusement project in the amusement park and funfair. Whether it is in the square, in the park or in the mall, you can see the small trains moving back and forth everywhere. It is also the favorite of the children. In order to make a beautiful trackless train, many operators use the trackless train as a “weapon” to attract customers. So how do you choose a trackless train? Today, Beston Amusement teaches you one of the Continue reading →