Most popular Trackless Train for Sale with Photos and Price List

Beston provide the best trackless train for sale with low price and high performance

Beston’s trackless train rides on sale are often comprised of a locomotive and 4 passenger wagons that will carry between 18 and 24 children and adults. Beston Amusement strives to provide the trackless train customer an attractive attraction at a value price. We are a comprehensive import and export company. Though many year pf developments, we have achieved a great success. We accept your small order. We believe we offer the best balance of price, styling and operational maintenance options in the electric trackless land train industry. Purchase our superior trackless trains to create multiple revenue generating train attractions within your business operation.

New Trackless Train for Sale
BNBT-A New Trackless Train

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Trackless Train Rides for Sale
BNBT-B Trackless Train Rides

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Introduction of Trackless Train Rides for Amusement Park from Beston

Trackless train rides (also called as mini express) are ideal for indoor and outdoor environment. They are “Green” with zero carbon emissions and operate with little noise. Electric trackless train for sale on Beston Amusement is great for Community Festivals, Birthday Parties, Church Fairs, School Carnivals, Day Care Centers, Grand Openings, Company Picnics, Family Reunions, Train Parties, Country Clubs, Holiday Events, Neighborhood Block Parties, Street Parades, Promotional or Corporate Events, just about any Special Occasion.

Beston Trackless Train for Sale
BNBT-C Beston Trackless Train for Sale

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Small Trackless Train for Sale
BNBT-D Small Trackless Train for Sale

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A trackless train for kids can go just about anywhere, on the grass, concrete, gravel, and sand. It travels just about anywhere and doesn’t need rails to get you there. The Mini Express – Electric Trackless Train is a real train ride, and it’s trackless! Many kid dreams of going on a party, trackless train ride. This is the perfect entertainment for every train birthday party, or special event and after looking at your kid’s face once they go for a ride, customer will be in the trackless train ride heaven!

Characteristic of Beston hot selling trackless train rides

1. Good for kids exploring ability development
2. Customize trackless train colors at no extra charge
3. excellent after service (spare parts for free during one year guarantee)
4. Easy to install (provide install CD, drawing and products operation manual)
5. Amusement grade fiberglass on our trackless trains -best material type for a combination of durability, useful life and maintenance in high traffic environments in malls and amusement parks

Marketing cases of Beston trackless train-Kiddie Rides for sale

Case 1:

Trackless train ride in malls on Children's day and Christmas Day
Trackless train ride in malls on Children’s day and Christmas Day

It’s now Children’s Day once again. In order to add a festive atmosphere, a market drives the “Kids’ amusement trackless train ride” into the store. Customers can take the little mall train ride traveling each store in the mall, which not only alleviate customers’ fatigue when walking on the mall but also enhance their understanding to the mall. When the trackless train into the mall, it instantly attracted numerous people to surround and watch, many people say they have never seen such a wonderful small train, and many of them can’t help to ride it. In fact, this Kiddie and Family trackless train for sale amusement ride can not only become a children’s day present for the innocent kids, but also can become a Christmas game in the malls on Christmas day. Santa Claus can play as the driver, pulling kids to wander in the mall. How exciting scene it is! If you’re interested in the trackless mall train ride for kids, you can visit Beston trackless shopping mall train ride for sale.

Case 2:

Beston hot selling candy-colored trackless train ride on city square
Beston hot selling candy-colored trackless train ride on city square

City square is often gathered a lot of people. Every day after work and on holidays, weekends there are a lot of adults with their children come to the square to play. A smart investor came up with the idea of using the bustling crowd in the square to make money. He found us and bought a Mini Express – Electric Trackless Train. After that he operates this fairground train ride during the holidays in the city square. Every time when the train come over, it will attract large numbers of people come to sightsee and itch to try. Because this Kids’ amusement train rides is very safe, so the parents are willing to allow their children to play on it’ll month down, this investor won a very considerable income and according to his feedback, he only used three months to earn back its cost.

Case 3:

trackless trains for rental business
trackless trains for rental business

Train Party Mini Express is a wonderful addition to birthdays, festivals, carnivals and all events. Many people find that trackless train rental is a profitable business.

Ronald Gonzalez wants to start a trackless rental business, he searches for electric trackless train manufacturer from Google, He found 3 brand suppliers and send inquiry to them. Beston was the first to reply to him, According to his message, Our sales send to him detailed quotation of the trackless train via email, include pictures, price, parameters, parts, services and so on.

After visit Beston factory and other factories, He test drive our trains travel on just about any flat surface: grass, gravel, etc. Then he decided to purchase five Beston trackless trains for his rental business. Now, His trains rental business is very famous in his country.

Different Types of Track-less Train Rides for Sale from Beston Amusement

As the leading trackless train manufacturer, Beston producing all kinds of trackless trains with different sizes, color and models. Such as elephant trackless trains, Christmas trackless trains and ocean theme trackless trains.

  • Trackless Train for Children

Usually trackless trains are popular in the amusement parks, funfairs. They can be used as a transport tool when you need to go to the other place. But most of the trackless trains are suitable and popular among kids. Size and colors and also themes of these trackless trains can be customized.

  • Electric Trackless Train for Sale

We sell all kinds of electric powered trackless trains for sale in our factory. The common model of our electric trackless trains is one locomotive with 3 carriages, but quantities of carriages can be customized according to your requirement. We produce fiberglass electric trackless trains and wooden electric trackless trains. Price of these electric trackless trains are different. Details, please contact with us by or send us your inquiry by the contact button.

All types of trackless train rides for sale you can buy from Beston Amusement Equipment? Contact us for price list soon.

Give us an opportunity,you will success in the trackless train rides business!

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