Track Train for Bahrain Carnival

We received the inquiry about track train rides from Bahrain. Our sales manager reply him as soon as possible. Finally, after the consultation, Beston Group received the track train order. Our Bahrain customer ordered two sets of track trains for his carnival. At the day the customer received the train sets, it was rented to a birthday and kids loved the track trains very much. Soon, we received the feedback from our customer, they feel satisfied with the appearance, design, color and the riding experience. Continue reading →

Trackless Trains for Sale In Australia

We received the inquiry which is sent by our customer from Australia. He want to open a kids play center and want to buy a track or trackless train for his play center. He interested in several models on our website at first. Our sales ,manager reply him with price, materials and other details he want. They discuss about the train ride, Finally, he booked a 17 capacity trackless train for his business. We arranged the manufacturing process and shipping the train to him soon. Continue reading →

Beston Amusement Trains to Malaysia

We received the inquiry about several models of trackless train rides on this website. Our customer from Malaysia want to purchase a large capacity trackless tourist train for his business to transport passengers in the funfair. After received the inquiry, our sales manager contact him as soon as possible. They discuss details about the trackless train, size, color, materials, capacity and others. Malaysia customer compared the models we show him and finally he close the order for a 41 capacity trackless train. Different Models of Amusement Continue reading →

Beston Trackless Train to Cambodia

As one of the most professional amusement park rides manufacturer, Beston is specialised in designing and producing new trackless train rides for customers from different countries. Several weeks ago, Our sales manager just delivery a large capacity trackless train to Cambodia. We receive the inquiry on our website of trackless train from the customer from Cambodia. He want to buy a trackless train for his new business, he do not know which model to choose. Our sales manager give him a large number of recommended list. He Continue reading →