Author: Beston

Author: Beston

2 Sets of Trackless Trains to the USA
Image 2023-04-03 Cases Beston

Good news, 2 sets of medium-sized trackless trains (1 locomotive+ 3 coaches) customized by American customers have been produced and shipped. Soon the customer will receive the goods and put them into operation. We look forward to the customer’s operational feedback and hope that the customer’s business is booming. If you are planning to start

3 Sets of Trackless Trains Sent to Chile
Image 2023-03-21 Cases Beston

Not too long ago, our regular customer from Chile contacted our sales manager again, because of its need purchasing needs of 3 sets of trackless train ride. Due to the previous cooperation foundation, the customer is very satisfied with the quality of our trains and trusts our company, so after communicating with the business manager

Promotion for Trackless Trains
Image 2022-04-29 News Beston

Trackless Trains Promotion Beston trackless trains promotion is coming now! In preparation for the Christmas, Beston Amusement arrange this trackless train promotion in advice. Start purchasing trains in advance, you can have more choices, you can make some changes in colors, themes, logos. Lots of discounts and exquisite gifts are waiting for you!. Event Date:

Advantages of Trackless Tourist Trains
Image 2022-02-17 Guide Beston

When you want to buy a new train for your business, you may confuse which types of train rides to buy, trackless trains or track trains? Now let’s learn some advantages of trackless train, you can also get advantages of track trains. Then you can get a better decision on which trains to choose when

Case Video
Image 2022-02-17 Cases Beston

This page shows the video from Beston Amusement Equipment. You can find trackless train cases video, trackless train video in our factory and many other videos from customers. From these video, you can get more information about Beston trackless trains in different countries, Beston trackless trains types, etc. You can also check our YouTube channel

Beston Trackless Train to Honolulu, USA
Image 2022-02-15 Cases Beston

Here is the regular trackless train that has been deliveried to the city Honolulu in USA. We received the feedback of this set of trackless train from our customer several month ago and it runs well in Honolulu. If you want to get a new train for your business in USA, welcome to contact Beston

Beston Trackless Train Shipping to Russia
Image 2021-12-28 Cases Beston

Several weeks ago, we received the inquiry about trackless train from the customer in Russia. After several days, we received the order for a large trackless train. And soon Beston trackless train shipping to Russia fast and timely, We bring great happiness to our customers in Russia and all over the world. It is shipping

How to Buy a Suitable Electric Train
Image 2021-05-13 Guide Beston

No matter what product is being purchased, when making a purchase, you should choose the right product to meet your own needs. Especially when buying a electric bus train, when making a purchase, you should clarify the relevant precautions and master the corresponding purchasing skills. The main reason is that there are many types of

Four Factors When Buying Trackless Train
Image 2020-08-21 Guide Beston

Choosing the right trackless train for your business can not only improve the transportation level of tourist attractions, but also increase the tourist experience of tourists. In the process of choosing a sightseeing train, tourist attractions need to pay special attention to the following four points: Reliability No matter what kind of transportation equipment or

Beston Trackless Train for South Africa
Image 2020-03-12 Cases Beston

Let’s know more about the trackless train rides for South Africa market. This train is used in the amusement park and shopping mall in South Africa. We received the inquiry which is sent by our customer from South Africa not too long ago. They want to buy new trackless train for renting for amusement parks